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Saturday, June 16, 2018

They do not use sewing or sewing thread for the new. You should not buy a home and industrial machine from the beginning, but to buy industrial sewing machines: old sewing machine Juki, and old sewing machines are cheap, but the line is just beautiful. Besides, when using cn or sell used cn used home computer is very inhibited. When you first start sewing machine, then select the sewing machine to try. One hit the machine is running stout, learning forever but not run straight sewing should be bored learning again. After buying a home appliance, due to the slow speed, the sewing process is much easier. In addition, besides the sewing machine, the shutter, the shutter, the Kansai machine, the rake ... serve the sewing work. not used so hok dare to have any share (know nothing but share, he he). As long as there should be at least 1 sewing machine and a shutter machine (used instead of overbooking), but financial has not yet and have not experienced the collision machine yet so dare not. Well, I'm tired of the holidays, I will slowly add more, or you have experience in buying the service of sewing machine, then here to share with everyone. If you are in Ho Chi Minh City can go to the world of cheap sewing machine to choose the machine quality to your likingNote added: Note that the sewing machine buy remember to choose the place, requirements Employees or self-propelled screwdrivers that open up inside the home. Look at the new machine, do not rust to buy. Many of them look very new shell but the inside is rusty. Besides the beautiful form, inside the new, the machine must be compact, smooth when running. When testing the fabric, the fabric of the fabric goes to include cotton fabric, chiffon fabric, and thick dense cloth. Try cotton fabric is not wrinkle, cotton, thin chiffon fabric is not crowded, thick fabric thick four layers still run. That's ok Source: Facebook Lan Anh

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